I support you and your company within projects in the field of marketing and corporate communications.


  • Assessment of the marketing organisation and identification of areas for action or improvement
  • Audit of a marketing function in an acquired company or an international subsidiary
  • Development of a brand strategy in preparation for an acquisition and/or in the context of an integration
  • Development and implementation of a marketing concept for new business areas or business models
  • Support in the selection of suitable sponsoring engagements (CSR)
  • Development of storyline for a trade show appearance and/or an event (external/internal)
  • Development of a customer excellence program
  • Development of a leadership communications program
  • Review of the digital strategy in the sales and marketing context (including social media, website performance and e-commerce).  

After a briefing meeting you will receive a detailed cost calculation and a project-specific offer.


Get in touch with me. I look forward to connecting with you!